Mind your business

Mind your business - Change means re-orientation

The world keeps on changing - technological innovations, further globalisation, acceleration and continuously increasing requirements.

Studies expect that at least every second job will either disappear or will be changed significantly due to further digitalisation - also in European countries.

You ask yourself - how do I stay relevant? Or, what do I need to do for my team or my organisation right now in order to remain successful?

Positive news is that prominent studies (like OECD - Employment Outlook, Deloitte - Talent for Survival) state the following trends:

  • The demand for technical skills like coding will continue to rise;
  • Qualitative cognitive and social abilities will be demanded even more;
  • The question of future relevance is strongly connected to the question of competence in these decisive factors.

Consequently, re-start or re-orientation as well as permanent development can be necessary, also in case of a long lasting and successful career.


Mind your business - you win or lose at the interfaces

Take responsibility now and strengthen your competences in relevant areas like:

  • Critical thinking and sensitivity to problems
  • Autonomy, self management and self organisation
  • Decision making and problem solving
  • Empathy, emotional intelligence and team work
  • Active listening, understanding and communication


All these elements deal with the interaction with other people. Hence, they are related to interfaces as well as the competences necessary to master these interfaces.

  • Your functional expertise assures that you are able to go "deep" content-wise.
  • Your interface competence allows you to take the helicopter perspective - you can go "broad" and across.
  • This means that you accept change as an opportunity and are able to implement amendments effectively.

You, your team and your organisation will win or lose at the interfaces.


Change does not stop - don't stop either!

Mind your business - get yourself interface competence

My offer to you is to support you exactly in those areas which are relevant for you. Not more and not less.

I have been working successfully at interfaces during my entire business career and continuously improved my competences. Take benefit of this!

There are three fundamental topics which form the basis of my solution portfolio: think clearly - decide consciously - implement effectively. They all relate to interface topics. In order to reach your goals, you need appropriate solutions in all three of them.


You choose:

  • where to focus in these three topics,
  • which solution or package covers your requirements best,
  • how long and intense our collaboration will be.

I offer you to have a first discussion free of charge in order to assess your situation and possible solutions. Let's talk!

I mind your business, too!

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