Company partnership - creating a successful long-term collaboration


Consulting or partnership?

You know the situation.

To solve an important issue in your organisation, you bring in external consultants. You have experience with management consulting company, you have already managed projects well. Unfortunately, the two colleagues A and B, who already know you and the organisation well, are not available this time.

It is time to train the two new consultants C and D. They try hard, but are not at the same level as experts A and B.

Your organisation is already well covered with the day-to-day business, the project as well as the training of the new consultants open up further gaps in the team. The consultancy cannot offer you any other or additional resources.

The project is continued despite reservations; as feared, the step is only small.

The two consultants are gone at the end of the project, your organisation cannot implement the results. The mood is burdened by the extra work, the original problem is not really solved, the owners question the sense of the project.

It starts all over again - with the next consultant?

Is this the partnership needed to achieve critical goals?

The limits of consulting projects

I know examples like this well from my years in large companies.

I have worked with excellent consultants in my projects, but I also know of large initiatives that left only high costs and frustrated teams.

From my experience, there are the following possible limitations in consulting projects:

  • Recurring costs for the induction of external consultants.
  • Quality and quantity of external resources are not guaranteed when they are needed
  • Project comes on top of ongoing business, creating gaps in critical areas
  • Line organisation cannot implement after project end, external support is already gone
  • Knowledge generated in the project is lost again
  • Project KPIs focus on the short term, less on long-term implementation
  • ...

All parties involved can have the best intentions, one of these points can easily stand in the way of project success.

What is the alternative?


Currently available amount of company partnerships:


Company partnership for long-term success

Mind your business offers you a medium to long-term business partnership. It meets your needs and goes beyond the traditional activities of a management consultancy.

A friend once described the partnership as the "Netflix of consulting" - you pay a fixed amount and call up what is most exciting. 

The corporate partnership offers the following benefits:

  • Ongoing support for your activities for at least six months.
  • Guaranteed support for the agreed period
    • consists of a fixed number of days and a framework for additional needs
    • enjoys strict priority over other short-term projects
    • includes pro-active time management for your support as needed
  • Holistic approach with methodological and content breadth, 100% tailored to your needs
  • Access to the entire Mind your business portfolio, such as 
    • Improvement projects (management, steering committee, participation)
    • Firefighting & interim assignments in times of staff gaps
    • Individual formats such as Business Coaching, Business Sparring and Mentoring 
    • Team workshops, if required also with cooperation partners
    • Ad-hoc requests
  • You get an experienced partner who supports you in every challenge

An additional advantage of our partnership is the access to a broader network of highly professional consultants from other fields. Through our ongoing exchange, you will receive targeted recommendations should you need external support in functions such as HR, Supply Chain, ESG, etc.

Corporate partnerships enjoy priority at Mind your business - for this reason, the number of parallel cooperations is limited. You can see how many partnerships are currently available in the box in the margin.

Think about which type of cooperation you will benefit the most from!

Topics for company partnerships

Company partnerships are available for these areas:

  • Management, Decision Making & Corporate Steering
  • Controlling & Finance
  • Strategic Marketing

If you are interested in a partnership in another subject area, please feel free to contact me!

Benefits of the company partnership

Our medium to long-term collaboration offers you tangible benefits that you typically don't have with a consultancy project:

  • In-depth understanding of your business environment, teams and individuals.
  • Stable, trusting working relationships
  • Long-term orientation
  • The right resource is available when you need it
  • Anchoring of improvement initiatives as well as competence improvement in your team 
  • Ongoing business less affected by improvement initiatives
  • No additional headcount with full flexibility

You decide how you want to work with Mind your business - on a personal level, in consulting projects or in a corporate partnership.

Contact me to get to know each other and discuss how we can add value to your organisation together!

The ability to connect different elements across the functions made him the „go-to“ person for many employees who were seeking guidance or orientation.

Mark Tonkens, CFO