In-house workshops - enhance your organisation's competences


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Targeted know-how for your organisation

You have specific challenges in your organisation. This is why you need individual solutions for the competence development of your people.

Based on a framework topic, we develop a workshop format together that fits to your needs.


Well-grounded, diverse and implementable

Mind your business builds on more than 15 years of experience in designing and conducting workshops. Founder Markus Eckhart has been doing this as part of his corporate careers in order to:

  • manage change by training new concepts, processes and methods (e.g. as part of his project leadership to improve corporate performance management or investment evaluations), 
  • increase competences in the functions (e.g. via the Marketing Acedemy at Borealis Polyolefins which he headed), 
  • introduce new topics to the organisation and to spark curiosity and interest (e.g. for de-biasing, advanced analytics, etc.). 


Public and in-house Workshops

Mind your business' portfolio comprises of both in-house and public workshops. The latter make the important topic of de-biasing accessible to a larger audience. You find currently available formats in the area of public workshops and webinars.

In-house workshops are available for those topics where established and reality proofen formats exist.They cover the areas of:

  • Controlling & Finance,
  • Marketing, and
  • De-Biasing.

A workshop or webinar seems a step too big for a first collaboration? Consider a keynote or impulse presentation from the Mind your business perspective!

Key elements of all events

Mind your business offers workshops which:

  • convey enjoyment and interest on the subject,  
  • are based on solid foundations,  
  • offer interaction and variety in order to gain experiences,  
  • trigger new ideas and grow perspectives ,  
  • focus on your individual implementation. 



In-house workshops and webinars - more competences in three core areas

Below you find different formats which are available both as physical workshops as well as webinars.

Introductory formats usually need little amendments to your organisation. They serve as an easy way to get familiar with the topic.

For advanced or customized formats it is good practise to discuss your specific needs first. You will then receive an offer that focusses on those competences where you see most benefits to you organisation.

Contact me for a first, free discussion!

Controlling & Finance

These formats cover both people without in depth Finance knowledge as well as specialists from the Controlling area, e.g.

  • Learning the language of numbers - finance basics 
  • Controlling deep dives in the core areas of planning, business cases and steering
  • Marketing for Finance

Get insight from a former corporate Controlling & Finance leader.


These formats cover Marketing from B2B and strategic angle. They connect to the needs of other internal and external stakeholders.  

  • B2B Marketing Basics
  • Strategic Marketing & Business Plans 
  • Pricing and the effect of unconscious decision factors

Experience workshops from a former Head of Marketing and a lecturer of diploma courses.


Develop competences like critical thinking, advanced problem solving or more effective leadership, based on several steps.

  • Introduction to biases and de-biasing
  • Advanced workshops
  • Functional deep dives

More on de-biasing and the workshop foundations.

Get new perspectives from an experts with more than 10 years of expertise in the field. 

What is the feedback of previous participants?

Competent partners enrich the offering

One of Mind your business' strengths is to create value out of interface topics.

Consequently, it is possible to get access to even more topics via the company's network partners. Many of them design and conduct workshops themselves.

Get access to the combination of value-adding topics for your organisation through the combination of unique formats calibrated for your organisation! 

Best is to reach out in order to have a discussion about your individual needs!

De-biasing - workshop foundations and descriptions

De-biasing is a complex topic - Mind your business has defined a modular approach in four stages for sustainable improvements.

The workshop described below are an important foundation and are integrated into comprehensive solutions for organisations.



Biases and the art of avoiding them - De-Biasing Basic

The De-Biasing Basic format is the backbone for both the intro format and the online series respecively the one-day physical workshop.

You find in depth-descriptions in the following document.

  • De-Biasing - basic experience (en) as a Download-PDF [171 KB]



Going deeper into the world of biases - De-Biasing Advanced

The De-Biasing Advanced format gets more into the details of both individual and social basis. It connects to some functional formats and is available at full extent as in-house workshop only.

You find in depth-descriptions in the following document.

  • De-Biasing - advanced experience (en) as a Download-PDF [191 KB]


De-Biasing Deep Dive - get to the heart of your function

Each function is susceptible for different biases. In this format we go deep, recognise and tackle specific issues in your function.

Read more in the following document.



Customised workshop or webinar

Based on the advanced format, we develop an individual format for your organisation.

Your context, challenges and priorities is central.

The customised workshop is usually embedded into a comprehensive de-biasing plan.



Keynotes, impulse presentations or customised workshops

The topics from both impulse series as well as from the functional de-biasing events fit well into public or in-house events as:

  • keynotes,
  • impulse presentations, or
  • workshops.

In addition, the following topics are available for in-house formats:

  • De-biasing teams
  • Decide better consciously - why speed is not everything and how to improve our decision quality
  • Excellence in management decisions - myths, meaning and ways to real improvements
  • The top 5 biases in business that you should know
  • Fake news in business - how to recognize them, how to tackle them

Contact me to discuss the right format for your needs!