Controlling &  Finance - Business Partner of choice for management

Business Partner - the key role of Finance

The role of the finance function in the company is ideally that of partner of choice. Senior management trusts in an expertise that goes far beyond the world of numbers.

Finance has a fixed place at the negotiating table and is involved in all important decisions through active business partnering. Its members provide relevant information, identify opportunities & risks and are oriented towards the future.

The organisation sees the added value of the function and confidently follows its recommendations and processes. The know-what and know-how enables staff to easily move to other functions and thus develop further.

Decisions that were previously prepared are now made and taken responsibility for.

Active business partnering leads to more success for the company and also individually for the people in the finance department.

Is this the reality in your company?




Successful Business Partner

In more than 15 years of practical work in Controlling and Finance, I have experienced a wide variety of realities.

Through consistent action and the drive for constant improvement, it is possible to establish oneself as a successful business partner.

Controlling & Finance is a support function - the focus on the different (internal) target groups and the entrepreneurial success are essential.

I have been successful in acting as a partner at eye level in leadership teams, sharing in exciting decisions and thus shaping the future of the organisation.

I now pass on the extensive experience of these years to controlling and finance teams, in different formats. 

Because your reality may not yet correspond to your target images.

Successful controlling has business partnering as a central element

In the finance sector, Controlling in particular is required to develop competencies in business partnering. The interaction with different leadership teams and managers at different levels makes the difference in how controlling can position itself in the company. 

Successful business partnering must be the goal in order to develop the respective organisation towards the set goals.

Mind your business teaches business partnering as a central element, with a focus on controlling. The focus is on those topics where there is practical experience in effective implementation. 

The "House of Finance" provides a conceptual framework that encompasses all services in the area of controlling & finance:

  1. TOP 3 - the central tasks of the function
  2. Context - the environment as well as "game changers" for the function
  3. Team & competencies - the foundation for effective cooperation

In my professional practice, I have been responsible for all of the following areas

  • been responsible for processes,
  • led improvement projects and
  • led corporate teams.

Benefit from this diverse practical know-what and know-how and raise your business partnering to a new level!



Reading tip

You will find the essential elements described in the "House of Finance" in a series of articles on LinkedIn: 

I look forward to your feedback and further suggestions!

TOP 3 - Core areas in Controlling & Finance

These areas make the difference for your organisation - design them in a way that suits your business model as well as your internal customers.

An experienced partner is at your side!

Strategy & Planning

The organisation needs goals and a framework to achieve them.

Strategy & planning are meant to achieve just that. 

Often the added value of planning is not seen - long cycles, tactical games or abstract orgies of numbers can be behind it. 

Planning makes sense when future options, goals & priorities are discussed.

Together we define where you want your ship to arrive.

This brings the necessary clarity to the organisation, more relevance to your processes and increases your planning efficiency.

Evaluation & Business Cases

Decisions in your organisation do not deliver the desired success.

Rhetoric dominates facts, quick fixes or political discussions shape the picture - an objective discussion about options and business cases seems far away.

An objective assessment is essential to support effective decision-making - free of distorting unconscious biases.

Together we build structures that let you decide on the best route to your goal.

Clear decision-making criteria, comparability and an objective view of opportunities and risks will move your organisation forward.  

Performance Management & Steering

Navigation without clear orientation does not work. Flying blind or distorted performance appraisals can easily take you off course.

Effectively implementing corporate management and goals requires a holistic approach. 

Performance management is about objectively assessing performance and taking timely action.

Together, we design the right framework to help you get there - focusing on key performance indicators, reporting and forecasting

You need a clear view where you stand in the implementation of decisions.


Context - managing the environment and taking its dynamics into account

The environment of a company in today's world is usually complex and dynamic.

Controlling & Finance must actively deal with this and provide the organisation with relevant recommendations in good time.

Three factors will play an even stronger role in the future - these "game changers" should be taken into account in decision-making and decision support:

1. digitalisation

  • changes the context & content of work, also for Controlling & Finance
  • needs an active decision for it as well as a strategy

2. de-biasing

  • addresses biases that negatively influence organisational decisions and the effectiveness of Controlling & Finance
  • needs an effective package of measures, read more on the topic in the de-biasing section

3. sustainability

  • means a long-term orientation
  • needs a good balance of core elements and integration into decision-making processes and performance management.

Mind your business supports you in these areas

  • Develop your digitalisation strategy,
  • implement de-biasing programmes and
  • integrate sustainability into decision-making processes and performance management.

Deal with these questions now - they will be crucial for effective business partnering!

Team culture & competence development

People make the difference - I am deeply convinced of that!

Controlling and finance teams have a wide variety of tasks to master, and they also need to prepare themselves in good time for the issues of the future.

Create the framework for effective business partnering with:

  • a flexible organisational framework,
  • a performance culture and
  • active competence development.

The transformation of the Finance function is in full swing.

Mind your business supports you in

  • create future-proof structures
  • establishing a real performance culture and
  • expand the competencies of your team members.

Your team members play a decisive role in your success - let's pay attention to their development together!

Our cooperation enables you to be the business partner of choice in your organisation

Many years of experience in successful business partnering

You will have an experienced partner at your side who has held the following responsibilities, among others: 

  • Divisional and team management in group finance teams
  • Responsibility for core processes in the areas of controlling & corporate management
  • Project management for cross-functional group initiatives


Activities in various management and controlling teams, experience as Head of Strategic Marketing & Services as well as coaching and sparring skills give you further perspectives.

Successful business partnering builds on a wide range of skills and experience - take advantage of a partner who brings all this to the table!

Even in the area of Controlling & Finance, there is no standard scheme that is used for all clients! You choose from several options of our cooperation.

Options for our cooperation in the area of Controlling & Finance

You have a specific context for your company as well as your teams. Off-the-shelf solutions will not take you far enough.

Mind your business fully accommodates this, there are several options for our cooperation:

1. support on a project basis:

  • Contribution to your improvement projects.
  • Topics: TOP 3, Managing the Environment, Financial Transformation
  • Your needs decide, my competence ensures results


2. continuous support (Finance Companion):

  • Holistic partnership over a longer period of time, learn more about it in a concise summary
  • Accompaniment of your team with specified services:
    • Projects, workshops, development, interim management,,...
  • Flexible in terms of content, time and intensity


3. individual cooperation:

You choose the optimal mix of focus topics in Controlling & Finance as well as the appropriate option of our cooperation - always in the way that suits you best. 

Mind your business is partnering with other independent consultants - in case of a larger project and / or additional requirements we have access to further highly qualified people.

Let's talk about our cooperation in an initial, free-of-charge meeting.


Markus has the ability to step back whenever necessary in order to keep the big picture and the issue to be solved in sight. He analyses and structures consequently and uses his strong conceptional competence in a skilful way.

Our dialogues brought me inspiring and refreshing lines of thinking and at the same time concrete ideas how to implement. He is a highly valued sparring partner who can extend my perspective and resolve potential blockades with just a few questions.

Olivia Pfeiler, Teamleader Controlling