Decide consciously



Mind your decisions - good decisions need the right space

We decide continuously and without pause, the conclusions define our activities - in business and in private life.

Companies and organisations differentiate themselves from others via their decisions. Consequently, they lay the foundation for their success or, in the worst case, their demise.

But when is it good to decide intuitively and fast, when more time and complexity is needed?

Which factors do I need to consider?

Which unconscious processes cause results that make me uncomfortable or unhappy?

You are familiar with these questions and want to decide better. You want to feel comfortable when doing so and have trust in your decisions in order to stand by them.

How do you achieve this?


Give your decisions the right ecosystem

  • Define the really important factors in your concrete situation, also via learning from previous decisions
  • Implement de-biasing measures and consider the most significant biases that impact your decision
  • Create adequate decision spaces and the fitting level of complexity
  • Define the framework for your decision processes as well as associated roles
  • Consider volatility and uncertainty plus their potential Impact

My long-time experience in decision situations and decision processes, combined with my competence in the area of de-biasing, supports you to decide more consciously and better - for you, for your team, for your organisation.

Let's work together on this!


Steer into the right direction via deciding consciously

  • You use your time where it makes most sense
  • You increase the quality of your most important decisions
  • You gain trust in your decisions and experience more pleasure when deciding


Hence, you lay the foundation for an effective implementation which enables you to reach your goals.