Focusing on your needs: Business Coaching online or in Vienna



From problem to solution - effective Business Coaching

Sometimes you don't get anywhere with professional issues.

A problem is obvious, but unfortunately the solution is not. You have the feeling that you are going round in circles, perhaps you are standing in your own way.

Moving from the problem to the solution is the first priority in business coaching. Your coach accompanies you in developing new ideas in a short time to deal with your issue in a positive way.

You have the competence for the solution

Business Coaching means the coming together of two competent partners. Being a coach means having competence for the process and focus on the coachee's goal. Being a coachee means finding new ideas and ways to make the problem disappear.

Business coaching means working together at eye level. It differs from business sparring, consulting or mentoring primarily in that your coach does not provide a solution in terms of content. You are actively accompanied and guided step by step to your goal by asking questions - because only you have the competence to find a solution!

Business Coaching: online or in Vienna

We have learned to collaborate effectively via electronic means such as Zoom, Teams, etc. This works also for coaching and gives you the possibility to select the right coach - there needs to be the right fit, from both professional and human perspective!

We meet for our Business Coaching  

  • online with your tool of choice or
  • in 1030 Vienna (Löwengasse 14, central location near the underground) 

In addition to working together in a one-on-one setting, there are additional options:

  • to work together with a second coach,
  • to apply Business Coaching for several people or your team.

Coaching requires trust and the feeling of having the right person at your side - feel free to contact me for a first meeting, free of charge!

Common topics in Business Coaching

Your topic is always highly personal, perhaps it revolves around one of the following questions:

  • Many tasks, but too little time - where and how to prioritise?
  • A new opportunity arises - does it pay to seize it?
  • Job, family, own interests - how to find the right balance?
  • Moving faster and faster on the hamster wheel - what is really important?
  • A new job has started - what to look out for in the first 100 days?

Business Coaching gives you fast and individual support with these and many other questions - you are the focus and work on your solution with good support. 

How does Business Coaching work and what skills does your coach have?

Your business coach with the right skills

Coaching is above all a question of attitude.

In addition to basic values such as respect and appreciation, it requires empathy, a willingness to engage with the other person and active cooperation.

My task as a coach - unlike in counselling, for example - is to take a step back in terms of content. The solution or the achievement of the goal is the competence of the client. 

Listening, developing appropriate questions and giving confidence to reach the goal - these are the skills I use in coaching. 

Coaching competences

What makes a good coach?

Am I dealing with a good coach?

The term coaching is not protected in Austria and in many other countries and is sometimes used to describe questionable services. 

Especially if you have had little contact with coaching, the two introductory questions are very relevant.

The Austrian Coaching Association (ACC) defines eight essential competencies - read this overview to see how they apply to me.

The three core areas here are:

  • Training & practical coaching experience as a basis
    • Certified systemic-constructivist coach (recognised by ACC, DBVC and IOBC), based on training at E.S.B.A. and previously ISCT (now IRBW) 
    • Many years of coaching experience and application in leadership even before founding Mind your business
  • Content competence through 20 years "hands-on" in industrial companies
    • Practical experience in a variety of (leadership) roles enables more appropriate questions than purely theoretical training
    • Quick docking to your coaching goals
  • Attitude & personal qualities
    • I have been using leading through questions and cooperation at eye level in other areas for years.
    • We will quickly create a pleasant and constructive working atmosphere

It's best to get your own picture and contact me for a free get-to-know-you session! This way you can clarify everything that is important to you and learn more about me as a person.

Markus' exceptional leadership skills, rock-solid work ethic, professionalism, and talent for bringing out the best in people make him a valuable addition to any team. [...] I wholeheartedly recommend him!

Joni Haverinen, Marketing Specialist

What can you gain from Business Coaching?

Business Coaching means:

  • Space - for your topic
  • Time - for yourself
  • Relevance - focus on your most important concern
  • Approach - getting the right questions
  • Results - taking concrete steps

Your coach has the important task of offering you all this - all inclusive at Mind your business!


How does Business Coaching work

Business Coaching is neither Consulting nor Mentoring or a longer therapeutic process - you should get the chance to leave every coaching session with a concrete result!

In initial conversations, people are sometimes baffled by the statement that coaching is supposed to be very effective and quick - they may be used to having to pay ten hours to move forward.

You don't have to - if you have already made tangible progress on your topic in the first hour, you will of course only pay for that.

Systemic-constructivist coaching is designed to enable the coachee to produce rapid results.

The process of a coaching session

Here are the main steps we go through in business coaching:

  1. After a short arrival phase, we collect possible topics.
  2. You decide on one of these topics
  3. We formulate a concrete goal for this hour
  4. You work on your solution, supported by me as your coach.
  5. We conclude with concrete implementation steps

You leave the session with the results and a plan for implementation, and receive the documents you have worked on if you wish.

Fast and effective!

What happens with larger topics?

Some topics are large and complex - partial aspects can be worked out well in one hour. In total, more time is needed.

In this case, we jointly define a larger framework goal and how we will work together to achieve it - other services such as Business Sparring or selective Consulting may also fit into the process. Then we integrate these as needed.

What doesn't change: We formulate a concrete and achievable goal for each coaching session that you work on in a focused way.

Business coaching helps you to think more clearly. The step out of your daily business in a confidential room is refreshing - you work intensively on the topic, while your coach guides you safely through the solution process.

Develop clarity as well as concrete measures and thus create personal changes. Let's talk and clarify all the questions that are bothering you!

Special offers for companies

Organisations can purchase hourly packages (for example 20 or 30 hours), which offer the following advantages:

  • Flexible redemption also for several persons (e.g. a management team).
  • Reduced price compared to individual lessons and can be combined with business sparring, mentoring or individual counselling
  • Prioritised in case of possible time conflicts

Feel free to contact me to receive your individual offer!

Special topic Dual-Coaching

In the cooperation project human work you will find another very special offer: Dual-Coaching.

You work with Markus Eckhart and Silvia Kessler-Eckhart, an experienced psychotherapist. The combination of two complementary coaches offers you additional perspectives for your issues - especially in the area of tension between mental health and entrepreneurial success.

Learn more about dual coaching on the human work website (in German language).