Business Coaching - your personal development in focus



You want to develop yourself individually, have decided to trigger a change or consider a re-start.

Thinking clearly will help you with this. Dive into a refreshing ambience and feel how you can work on yourself freely and focused.

The dialog between us will be trustful, open and sometimes challenging - the objective is to implement your wish for change effectively.


Leadership experience, content competence and coaching expertise in one hand

I know a multitude of challenges from my own history. And I speak your language, based on my corporate career. As line manager I used my coaching competence to support others in their personal advancement.

My priority has always been to be successful together - both on company targets and individual ones.

Supervision is helpful for me to reflect the processes and improvements in my Coaching-dialogues professionally. This is also to your benefit!


You take the responsibility for your change - well prepared

During the Coaching process you take the responsibility for your re-start or your change. In our Coaching-dialogue we discuss the key to your success.

You will implement your change process focused and secure.

Think more clearly and succeed in personal change on the basis of our common work. Let's talk!


Steps in Business Coaching

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  1. We clarify the topic and the objective in a first free-of-charge meeting,
  2. We agree the content, the concrete objective and the framework (duration, place, conditions) of our Business Coaching.
  3. We work on your development according to our agreement (meeting in person or via phone / video conference).
  4. I support you in analysing and clarifying the current situation and in defining concrete objectives and milestones.
  5. You implement the defined targets, I accompany you during this process and support in case of setbacks.
  6. We evaluate the delivery of the objectives as well as the joint process.  
  7. Optional but suggested: We check during the first months after the  closing of the Coaching process how well the practical transfer worked and if  there is a need for fine-tuning.

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Potential topics for our collaboration:

First time line manager?

You are line manager for the first time. This makes you proud but also insecure.
You are afraid that your team will not follow you.
Develop your leadership style via Coaching and inspire your team with it.

Find security in doing so and plan your next steps.

Too much work and out of balance?

You have potential and advance quickly.
You work, work and work - too much!
You feel out of balance.

Use Coaching to find a better balance and to discover your real priorities.

You do not feel valued?

You work hard and well but do not feel sufficiently valued.
This frustrates you and your motivation suffers.
Find your easiness and enjoyment through Coaching.

Get clear how you receive more appreciation and how the path toward this looks like.

You worry about your relevance?

The company values your stable performance and you as a person.
However, you feel that you do not advance anymore and worry about your relevance.

Develop new perspectives via Coaching and formulate a plan to implement them.

Your self-perception is shaken?

You engaged with your unconscious biases. This surprised you and maybe started to shake your self-perception a bit.
Develop new approaches to tackle your unconscious thinking patterns.

Find ways to manage them step by step via individual de-biasing.

You implement too few projects?

You have energy, engagement and creativity.
You keep on starting new projects but hardly finish them. This frustrates you.

Get clarity about your priorities via Coaching and how to carry topics over the finishing line.