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More than unconscious bias trainings

Unconscious biases have a wide range of effects - in the private sphere as well as in companies. They are difficult to grasp at first, and there are few ways to approach them.

Events on this topic are usually held exclusively in companies, usually for a selected group. It is important to bring this topic closer to as many people as possible!

Mind your business offers both - various formats for companies as well as public lectures, workshops and webinars. These go beyond "classic" unconscious bias trainings, especially through more breadth and a strong focus on implementation.

They are an important, but not the only, element of the de-biasing concept.

Key elements of all events

Mind your business offers workshops which:

  • convey enjoyment and interest on the subject,  
  • are based on solid foundations,  
  • offer interaction and variety in order to gain experiences,  
  • trigger new ideas and grow perspectives ,  
  • focus on your individual implementation. 



What do participants of previous events say?



De-biasing - get familiar with a complex topic step by step

Mind your business has been offering a wide range of workshops on the topic of unconscious biases or de-biasing over the years.

Consciously making better decisions - the central theme of the company - means an intensive confrontation with unconsciously effective biases. 

Choose from the available options, whatever fits your purpose best.

Public and in-house Workshops

The offering includes both public and in-house workshops. You find all relevant information about the current offering directly in the respective workshop descriptions.

It is of course possible to adapt a public workshop format individually for your organisation, so that your concrete needs are covered.

Contact me to discuss your specific context and needs!

Public workshops - a new offer is in the making

Public workshops were available for selected topics in the area of de-biasing during the last years.

In order to make them accessible to an even wider audience, we are currently building a new plattform - visit to learn more about the next steps (in German language for the time being), 

To find out more about unconscious biases and ways how to deal with them, take a look at the de-biasing area on the website.

The following formats illustrate the variety of this exciting topic - they can be booked by organisations any time.

Impulse Series: de-biasing in a specific context

The impulse series includes one-hour formats on specific questions and challenges. 

In an interactive online setting you have access to:

  • good practice sharing from 20+ years of practical company experience,
  • a discussion of unconscious biases impacting in the specific context, and
  • suggestion on options and ways to solutions.

Impulse Series: additional formats available in-house

The following topics are available for impulse formats, keynotes or in-house workshops.

  • Master the next crisis better                                              
  • Diversity, inclusion & de-biasing
  • Overview about the world of biases
  • Change & barriers to overcome
  • Popular errors about the brain

Contact me to discuss your individual needs and for an offer!



Free information events: functional de-biasing

The following formats focus on functional de-biasing and give information about:

  • functional expectations, challenges and competences
  • top 5 unconscious biases distorting the effectiveness of the function at hand
  • exercises to experience own biases and suggestions on how to convey de-biasing for the function.

You can book the following events for your organisation:

  • De-Biasing Leadership - for a new quality of leading others
  • De-Biasing Controlling & Finance - ways to improve business partnering
  • Risk - when biases distort the effectiveness of risk management




Keynotes, impulse presentations or customised workshops

The topics from both impulse series as well as from the functional de-biasing events fit well into public or in-house events as:

  • keynotes,
  • impulse presentations, or
  • workshops.

In addition, the following topics are available for in-house formats:

  • De-biasing teams
  • Decide better consciously - why speed is not everything and how to improve our decision quality
  • Excellence in management decisions - myths, meaning and ways to real improvements
  • The top 5 biases in business that you should know
  • Fake news in business - how to recognize them, how to tackle them

Contact me to discuss the right format for your needs!



Additional workshop formats

Over the years, additional de-biasing formats were available but are currently on hold due to limited capacity.

You find below details for all formats - if one of them is attractive for an in-house format contact me to discuss details!

De-Biasing Intro Workshop - online or physical

This established format invites you to an  interactive introduction into selected biases as well as counter measures. 

In three hours you:

  • get in depth information on unconscious biases and their impact,
  • Get familiar with four biases that impact your perception and judgment,
  • Experience their impact on you via examples and small tests,
  • share your experiences and cases and learn from the other participants, and
  • take away concrete counter measures that you eloborate in an interactive way.


  • Seats: max. 25 participants online, max. 12 participants physically

Online series: Reduce Biases in 5 Steps

The physical workshop takes place for a full day with sufficient room for reflection and brakes.

This online series takes place in 5 related modules, on the same days & time over 5 consecutive weeks.

They contain 90 minutes of content + up to 30 minutes of extra time for reflection & discussion.

The physical workshop takes place for a full day with sufficient room for reflection and brakes.

Focus areas of the modules:

  • Module 1 - Perception: through which lens do we see the world, what   impacts and manipulates our perception?
  • Module 2 - Judgement: which biases are active when we assess and judge?
  • Module 3 - Decision: what impacts our decisions without us noticing it?
  • Module 4 - Interaction: which unconscious aspects are relevant in    human relations, teams and organisations?    
  • Module 5 - Implementation: what hinders an effective implementation  of decisions?


  • Seats: max. 25 participants online, max. 12 participants physically

    The various de-biasing formats are based on a stepwise method to create and enhance competences in this very relevant area.

    Read more about the foundations in the in-house workshop section.