Mentoring - your confidential framework for setting your professional course



Clarifying important course settings in mentoring

My career start was lonely.

After a short welcome by the HR department, I sat in my office - and had no idea. It was a jump into the deep end - I had many questions, was motivated and curious. And 100% on my own.

Mentoring can be extremely helpful in this situation, as in many others. In addition to internal mentoring programmes, an external mentor also adds value in a short time.

What is a mentor?

A mentor has typically had a variety of experiences in professional life and passes these on in the context of mentoring.

The mentee's concerns provide the thematic framework, the mentor serves as an advisor and answers the mentee's questions. 

In addition, the mentor is free to make his or her own professional network available, as long as it corresponds to the agreed goals.

How does mentoring work?

Mentoring differs from Business Coaching or Business Sparring in that it is a support over a longer period of time. 

It has in common with both formats that it is oriented towards the goals of the mentee and requires a strong basis of trust.

Mentoring is a dialogue - the mentor is available as a resource. Questions in both directions are the focus, and the mentor additionally talks about his or her own experiences and makes recommendations.

The longer period of time - typically three to six months - allows the implementation of measures that have already been discussed to be reflected upon.

Mentoring should expand the mentee's scope for action and create additional perspectives in a dialogue at eye level. 

Let's talk about your topic!

Mentoring process

Mentoring takes place in 5 steps - ii works fine online or in Vienna:

  1. In the free initial meeting, we clarify the topic and the objective.
  2. We agree on the content, the concrete goal and the framework (time period, location, conditions on an hourly basis) of the mentoring.  
  3. The first content-related mentoring dialogue often deals with fundamental questions or challenges that need to be overcome. As a rule, we determine an initial measure of the mentee until the next appointment.
  4. We develop options, ask questions and exchange content - also about the effectiveness of agreed measures. As a mentee, you can end our mentoring at any time if you have already achieved your goals earlier. 
  5. I will be happy to continue to support you afterwards if required, also with other services from the portfolio such as Business Coaching or Business Sparring


Topics for our mentoring

Mentoring can cover a wide variety of professional topics - the following have proven particularly relevant in the course of my career

First time line manager

This makes you proud, but also insecure.

You fear not being able to take your new team with you and not fulfilling various expectations. 

Continue to develop your leadership skills in mentoring.

Find confidence in your leadership role and plan your next steps.

The first 100 days in the new job

You have made it and found an exciting new job. 

How do you establish yourself and achieve a positioning that suits you best?

It is important to keep a good balance to deliver first results and avoid possible pitfalls at the same time.

Make your first 100 days positive.

Career advancement

Career advancement is your goal - you work hard for it, but don't see any progress at the moment,

This frustrates you.

What skills and steps do you need to get ahead?

Get new perspectives and develop strategies for your advancement. 

Career change

The idea of a career change has been on your mind - perhaps for some time.

Your company appreciates your stable performance and you as a person. But something is missing.

You are considering taking a big step, but there are also good arguments against it.

Use our mentoring for professional clarity and determine your next step.

Suddenly a manager

You are doing well in your job and have established yourself well - becoming a manager was not your focus.

Suddenly you are a leader because of an unexpected promotion and because you are replacing someone at short notice.

Find ways to master this change and the associated challenges step by step.

Entering professional life

Your training is coming to an end - what now?

You have initial ideas about starting your career, but the priorities are still unclear.

You are also thinking about how to make a successful start to your career.

Design your career entry and find the job that suits you.

Your mentor with many years of experience

I would have needed a mentor more often in my career than I have actually had.

It is important to me to fill this gap in other people - that is why I have been involved as a mentor for many years: in my corporate job, in the mentoring programme alma of the University of Vienna, and with Mind your business.

Mentoring works.

Internal mentoring programmes in companies are very valuable - they give mentees many practical tips as well as a look behind the scenes.

External mentoring also offers a further perspective and thus expands the mentee's options for action. I have had this experience over many years and it has been confirmed by my mentees.

Above all, mentoring offers the opportunity to discuss those issues that exist in every organisation but can only be recognised by looking "between the lines". The role of the mentor is precisely to convey these aspects and make them striking.

In addition, the mentor is available for observations and feedback - this makes it possible to gradually achieve the agreed goals of the mentee.

Let's start a mentoring process at eye level - contact me for a free initial conversation!

Together, we focus on achieving your professional goals step by step - I am happy to be available as a mentor!

As part of the Alumni Mentoring Programme at the University of Vienna, I had the opportunity to work with Markus as a mentor. It was particularly helpful that he encouraged me to define and structure my goals more clearly by asking specific questions.

We are still in regular contact years after the mentoring, and the exchange on professional and technical topics remains very valuable for me due to his expertise and experience.

Scherin Alagati,Head of Finance and Controlling