About me

Markus Eckhart in short

  • 20 years of corporate experience
  • 16 years of leadership and line manager responsibility
  • Member in various international management teams
  • Focus on:
    • Performance management
    • Controlling and Finance
    • Strategic marketing
  • Leader of complex corporate projects
  • Creation of structures and processes
  • Responsibility over extensive corporate decisions
  • Focus on team and competence development


Interfaces competences

My work primarily took place at key corporate interfaces. I have the quality of an experienced generalist with the competence in special areas. In addition I have practical experiences, for instance in the areas of

  • Strategy,
  • S&OP (Sales & Operations Planning) and
  • Asset development and project portfolio-management.


Connection and advancement

The connection of different topics forms the central theme in my life.
Various interests have led me to my studies of business administration, history and jurisprudence. My drive to permanent education during my professional career resulted in:

  • Leadership programs
  • MOOC-offerings at universities like MIT, Berkeley and Michigan in the areas of
    • Digitalisation,
    • Advanced analytics and
    • Leadership competences
    • De-biasing competences, based on the broader field of behavioral economics.


Cooperation to reach Targets

The commonality of all these aspects is connection - there is the need of cooperation across the functional borders in order to achieve the envisaged objectives.
I consider my interface competence combined with a holistic business approach my central strength.

The shift of my focus areas in the direction of enhancement of individual competences, structures and processes finally led me to start up my own company.
This decision required courage and overcoming boundaries.

My conclusion:

Taking the courage to start individual or organisational change
finally pays off!

Approach & methods

Mind your business means:

  • You mind your business - you take responsibility for the topics which you want to improve

  • I mind your business - I commit myself to your solution wholeheartedly

On a daily basis you move across the business dancefloor and manage the different tasks. Our collaboration gives you the opportunity to move to the balcony more often in order to watch the activities on the dancefloor from another perspective. Your own. The ones of your team. The ones of your organisation.


I consider the following elements key success factors for a good cooperation:

  • Exchange and dialog at eye level
  • Critical and constructive discussion at the same time
  • Focus on the essentials

You can expect from me that I adapt myself quickly which leads us to a sound foundation of discussion. Due to my non "one size fits all" approach we need sufficient time and space to clarify your needs. You then receive the required solutions from me.


My approach for the entire portfolio is:

  • Engagement and goal focus
  • Respectful communication
  • Situative mindset instead of a standard pattern
  • Mindful regarding others' boundaries
  • As much as necessary, as little as possible

I look forward to our collaboration!

Andrea Baldini – Head of Pricing, Marketing Borealis

Markus as Head of Marketing was in charge to ...


… inspire, coordinate and promote changes in the way the overall marketing organization was working as well as championing specific process redesign.

He is a thoughtful and open minded leader willing to listen, to understand suggestions and to assess the implications on the concrete goal at hand. He urged to keep in mind that time to implement is as critical as working on the right idea.

Markus has consistently demonstrated a great ability to coordinate, handle and leverage the multiple strong personalities surrounding him, making sure that the group energy was always conveyed toward reaching ambitious goals

Andrea Baldini – Head of Pricing, Marketing Borealis



Veronika Ettinger, Head of Marketing Fertilizer & TEN Business

Markus was of great support to me as business sparring partner … 


… when I was in charge of Logistics operations at  one of our largest production locations.

We had several large investment and tendering projects ongoing. His excellent financial and business expertise helped a lot in weighing the various options against each other and in achieving top management approval.

Moreover it was a great pleasure to work with Markus due to his highly cooperative and team focussed working style.

Veronika Ettinger, Head of Marketing Fertilizer & TEN Business



Olivia Pfeiler, Polyolefins Business Finance

Markus has the ability to step back whenever  …


… necessary in order to keep  the big picture and the issue to be solved in sight. He analyses and structures consequently and uses his strong conceptional competence in a skilful way.

Our dialogues brought me inspiring and refreshing lines of thinking and at the same time concrete ideas how to implement. He is a highly valued sparring partner who can extend my perspective and resolve potential blockades with just a few questions.

Olivia Pfeiler, Polyolefins Business Finance



Martina Janssen, Commercial Excellence Manager

I had the pleasure to work together with Markus in the area of Commercial Excellence ...


… where he provided expert guidance and proved great work ethic  as well as commitment to detail.

With his broad experience and “down-to-earth” leadership style, he enriched the project with his highly strategic, insightful, and actionable recommendations while never losing sight of the big picture.

Martina Janssen, Commercial Excellence Manager