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Sparring is a central part of development - not only in sports! You need a safe place for your ideas, concepts or plans in order to prepare for the critical moment in the spot light.
I enter the ring with you on topics where I accumulated experiences in leading positions over the years.


You leave the Business Sparring session well prepared and focused

As your sparring partner I give you my neutral external perspective, provide you feedback and will challenge you. You enter the professional spotlight strengthened and better prepared and will approach your goals more relaxed and focused.


Business Sparring is different to coaching or consulting

Business Sparring clearly focuses on content and the training on the subject.
Contrary to this, my Coaching approach targets the enhancement of personal competences.

Business Sparring offers constructive feedback and questioning of your ideas, whilst in consulting I primarily develop content which I implement together with you.

Of course, it is possible to combine the different formats to your advantage.

Let's work together for your spot-on preparation. Let's talk!


Steps in Business Sparring:

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  1. We clarify the topic and the objective in a first free-of-charge meeting,

  1. We agree the content, the concrete objective and the framework (duration, place, conditions) of our Business Sparring.

  1. You provide me with relevant material for preparation and brief me on all aspects that I have to know.

  1. I work through your material und consider all pieces of information that you provided.

  1. We meet for our Business Sparring session either in person according to our agreement or via phone / video conference

  1. You define the next steps and implement the results of our Business Sparring session effectively.

  1. I summarise our discussion and conclusions in a written document, on demand.

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