For companies - become structurally better

Individual partnership for structural solutions

Is Mind your business a typical management consultancy? 

For years I was in your situation. 

I know the requirement to deliver results, experienced pressure from above and below as a leader and made decisions under uncertainty. 

I mind your business. And I speak your language - achieving goals together with you is motivation and incentive for me. This requires a partnership approach, clear focus, commitment and competence. 

As a potential client, I have often experienced management consultants selling their specific method, process or tools as a universal solution. 

The approach of Mind your business is different - we don't solve problems that don't exist. We don't start with an existing solution in mind - that would be the easy way out. 

Our starting point is your specific issue - I listen carefully to understand symptoms, context and challenges. Then, based on broad practical and methodological experience, we start the appropriate process, bringing your workforce on board. 

This may not be the approach of the "typical" management consultancy, but it is a much more targeted one.

I want to be your partner of choice in finding practical solutions for your company! 


More about the philosophy of Mind your business.

Business partnership instead of management consultancy

Mind your business does not explain to you how your business works.

You and your teams know your organisation and your environment better than any consultancy. As a former client and contact of consultancies, it was important to me to get support only on those issues where it really added value. 

The agenda and goals of the organisation must always come first - your external partner has to support you effectively in this.

You benefit from a partner who has delivered results for 20 years in the international corporations Alstom, Mondi and Borealis, gaining extensive experience. 

This helps you to identify blind spots, to develop your processes and structures further and ultimately to make those decisions that really take you forward. 

Of course, you will also receive content-related advice - the focus of our cooperation is always a corporate partnership at eye level.

I had the pleasure to work together with Markus in the area of Commercial Excellence where he provided expert guidance and proved great work ethic  as well as commitment to detail.

With his broad experience and “down-to-earth” leadership style, he enriched the project with his highly strategic, insightful, and actionable recommendations while never losing sight of the big picture.

Martina Janssen, Commercial Excellence Manager

Individual offers for your organisation

All offers at a glance

Mind your business offers your organisation support in those areas where practical expertise exists (for details on content, see the respective focal points).

Decisions are at the centre of all offers:

All these offerings are based on practical experience in the design and management in an 8 billion Euro group.

As an accompanying offer, you can draw on professional expertise in strategic marketing as well as in-house workshops, keynotes and impulse lectures -  happy to discuss this on request.

In terms of methodology and content, we always select the appropriate approach specifically and individually for your organisation.

The second focus area of Mind your business concerns offers for individuals - you work individually on your topics in a confidential and constructive setting. Details can be found in the areas of Business Coaching, Business Sparring and Mentoring.

You can also book package solutions for these areas for your company!

Let's get to know each other and discuss how Mind your business can best support you!




Currently available amount of company partnerships:


Options for our cooperation

The WHAT - the content - of our cooperation has been clarified. As for the HOW, you have the choice! 

You decide on your preferred option of our cooperation:

  • Individual project
    • The "classic" cooperation on a sufficiently defined topic. We ensure that you have a professional transfer into the line organisation. You can additionally acquire flanking packages from the areas of business coaching or business sparring to provide support.
  • Interim Management
    • You have the need for cooperation over a limited period of time. As a rule, change work is combined with a personnel gap in the management. We work together here for as long as it suits your organisation.
  • Company partnership
    • Mind your business offers ongoing and flexible collaboration to a limited number of organisations. You can find out more about this "Netflix of consultancy" in the Corporate Partnership section.


Actively manage change

Change projects or far-reaching transformations trigger many questions and possibly uncertainty among your employees.

It is important to you to lead your staff safely through the change.

Our cooperation will therefore be successful because we place special focus on actively managing the change process.

In my experience, the difference between success and failure of projects is not so much based on the changes in content. It is the HOW that is decisive. 

Benefit from extensive expertise in the successful implementation of complex change projects!