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Markus Eckhart
Founder & General Manager

+43(0)664 88452666

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Let's get in touch and discuss!

There are different ways to get in touch - use it to:

  • get to know who you are dealing with,
  • judge if our offer resonates with you, and 
  • evaluate potential next steps. 

The first discussion is free of charge and free of selling - this is guaranteed!

One of the core principles of Mind your business is to listen to the potential business partner first. We will start with a discussion about your context, your objectives and your needs - this is the only way you can assess whether the company's offer fits your purpose.

The are multiple ways to start a conversation:

  • mobile phone
  • email
  • business social media

I am looking forward to start our dialogue!


Note: the contact form on this page had to be removed due to constant spamming attempts - please use the other channels!