Business consulting


Consulting at eye level

I mind your business. And I speak your language - my motivation and spur is to reach objectives together with you. This needs a partnership approach, clear focus, engagement and competence.

As a long-time practitioner I have no interest in selling you colourful slides. It is about solutions!


Holistic approach

The focus of my business consulting activities lies on topics which I have implemented effectively and successfully myself. My approach is holistic - there is no point in sub-optimising a single organisational unit of a company or a single process. Due to multiple interfaces, there is the need of an integrated perspective which considers effects on the total Organisation.
In this respect, the balance between content focus and the consideration of the employees is vital for success.


One partner, modular and individual

The difference to major consulting companies is that you get me as a partner when you decide to work with me. There is no difference between pitch and execution. I work modular and need-based instead of applying a standard scheme that is used for all customers!


Specific consulting focus and interface competence

My professional competences in the areas of company performance management, controlling and strategic marketing define myself.
They are connected with leadership competence and skills in de-biasing which can be practically applied.
I work together with other business consultants on project basis whenever additional interface competence is needed on top.

Let's discuss about our project in a first meeting which is of course free of charge. Let's talk!


Performance management

You are not satisfied with the level of goal achievement. Previous efforts to improve have not worked out the intended way.

I offer you to develop new perspectives together. Starting from goal definition, considering decision processes, incentive structures and psychological factors, we approach the underlying key questions of your company or organisation.

We focus on interfaces and how you optimise them for the overall success of your organisation.

De-biasing decision processes

Decisions in your organisation do not lead to the desired success.

Thinking patterns and unconscious biases are deeply rooted - not only on personal, but also on organisational level. This leads to systematically distorted decisions.

The core business of an organisation is considered in particular to be vulnerable to "blind spots".

I accompany you in analysing your key decision processes. Next we define specific de-biasing measures and thus create effective solutions. This gives you an advantage versus Competition.

Transformation and change processes

Your organisation, like many others, is in the middle of a massive period of change. Attached to this, you are aware of the employees' uncertainty.

I have experienced various change processes over time. Be it organisational transformation, significant process changes or cross-cultural projects - active change management is the necessary prerequisite to lead your teams through change, secure and motivated. Let's work on this!