Sometimes you need someone

You have responsibility.

There are many decisions to be made every day.

However, something slows you down or disturbs you - structures, processes or too little time to go into depth.

Your partner from practice, for practice

Markus Eckhart - what Mind your business stands for


What makes Mind your business stand out

  • Depth instead of headlines
  • Proven practice instead of fine-sounding theory
  • Individual instead of "more of the same"
  • Real solutions instead of sham successes
  • International experience instead of a narrow template

Markus Eckhart knows many complex issues from practical experience. He made decisions as a manager and as a member of international leadership teams. He prepared them as a project manager and in decision support. 

In the course of his 20-year career with international corporations (Alstom, Mondi and Borealis), he successfully realised numerous change and transformation projects.

Mind your business builds on this and offers companies and individuals:

  • analytical and methodological competence for effective structures,
  • practical experience and process orientation to build processes around the most essential decisions, and
  • empathy and focus to develop new perspectives and solutions individually.

This allows you to sustainably improve the many daily decisions to get closer to your goals.

I founded Mind your business to offer what added tangible value in my previous jobs.



Mind your business offers a partnership for relevant topics

Responsibility for your issues

You have to take responsibility in your role and also deal with unpleasant issues.

As your partner, I take responsibility for ensuring that we go into depth on precisely these issues.


You want to make decisions that positively influence the success of the company and your own success.

As your partner, I bring comprehensive expertise in the field of decision-making and actively support you.


You need someone from the field.

Someone who delivers. 

Someone who is not afraid of getting wet in the rain.

I come from the field and implement also in bad weather.

Setting the course

You are at a fork in the road and want to take the right turn from several options.

I accompany you through this process and always keep the achievement of your goals in focus.



Mind your business offers customised solutions for companies and individuals



For companies - becoming structurally better:

  • Decision Excellence - achieving excellence in management decisions step by step, focusing on your structures and processes.
  • Controlling & Finance - effective business partnering and improved corporate management through focus on three core areas and on contemporary processes.
  • Company partnership - longer-term cooperation to optimise your organisation through flexible access to all services from the Mind your business portfolio.



For you - individual progress:

  • Business Coaching - focused cooperation at eye level with a certified systemic-constructivist coach with many years of practical coaching experience in a corporate context. 
  • Business Sparring - your protected space to discuss and develop ideas, concepts or plans with an experienced sparring partner. You get a new perspective that you rarely get in your daily work. 
  • Mentoring - goal-oriented support for professional changes or leadership topics by a mentor with over 20 years of experience in international companies.



Supporting topics:

  • Company workshops are frequently requested on the topics of decision-making, controlling & finance as well as strategic marketing - we would be happy to discuss your individual needs as well as the suitable format on request.
  • Keynotes & impulse lectures are a perfect opportunity to dive into the topics of Mind your business - we will be happy to discuss possible focus topics and the specific format on request.
  • De-Biasing - Mind your business uniquely combines the world of Unconscious Biases with concrete improvement measures in a business context. In the de-biasing section you can find out more about the background, the practical approach and public events on this fascinating topic.


Your partner

I founded Mind your business to offer what brought real added value in my previous jobs.

Mind your business combines - professionalism with humanity. Looking ahead with pragmatism. Quality with competence. Experience with curiosity. Excellence-orientation with composure.

I have had exciting jobs in international companies where I could help shape and decide. I have experienced what works - just as when goals vanished into thin air despite perfect concepts and extensive planning. I have learned that the focus on decisions and their effective implementation makes the difference. I have learned how to make this happen. I have acquired additional skills that help reduce the influence of unconscious elements (the Unconscious Biases) in these key points.

Mind your business is my offer to make all this experience available to companies and individuals. 

I want to be your partner - from practice, for practice.

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The Philosophy behind Mind your business

Organisations are complex and dynamic - it is often difficult to see the wood for the trees. 

It is helpful to be clear about basic success factors - the following elements are based on diverse experiences from a career in international companies. They have become the basic philosophy of Mind your business and run as a common thread through the offer.


Think clearly

We humans have the extraordinary capability of rational thinking.
Unfortunately, there is often too little time and space to do so. Distractions and missing focus easily create a feeling of being overburdened and being unclear.

Together we develop your solutions in order to manage multitasking, stress and increasing demands in a better way.
Your value is to have more time for the really important topics and to master them more relaxed and secure.

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Decide consciously

Our decisions define our actions – professionally and privately.
However, we are not happy with them from all of the time. In addition, there are many unconscious processes ongoing which impact us beyond our awareness.

Our common focus on your concrete decision situations, combined with my de-biasing competence, supports you in deciding more consciously and consequently better.
You develop more trust in your decisions as well as more joy when deciding.

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Implement effectively

No decision takes effect without proper implementation. You know the situation of the next subject starting without the first being completed.
Besides this, we do not always succeed in taking others with us during implementation and in sparking enthusiasm for the solution.

My long-term experience in change management and in team leadership gives new impulses to you how to implement effectively.
You will have more certainty that your solutions hold, hence realising your goals more effectively.

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