Markus Eckhart - Mind your business

You want to stay relevant also in the future, in these times of digitalisation, change and acceleration?
Technics alone will not suffice – the demand for interface competences will grow significantly.

These interface competences include for example

  • critical thinking,
  • complex problem solution or
  • right decision making in more autonomous teams.

You want an experienced, constructive and reliable partner who accompanies you through these changes and who conveys competences for the future?

I offer you specific solutions in the areas of business consulting & sparring, training and coaching which we adjust to your concrete needs together. For you. For your team. For your Organisation.

You have the possibility now to set the course for your future success and relevance – let‘s work together on this!

I mind your business, too!
Markus Eckhart

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Our success depends significantly on how well we solve three central aspects on a daily basis: thinking, deciding and implementing.
This is why I put these elements into the focus of my activities. My solutions support you to get better day by day.


Think clearly

We humans have the extraordinary capability of rational thinking.
Unfortunately, there is often too little time and space to do so. Distractions and missing focus easily create a feeling of being overburdened and being unclear.

Together we develop your solutions in order to manage multitasking, stress and increasing demands in a better way.
Your value is to have more time for the really important topics and to master them more relaxed and secure.

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Decide consciously

Our decisions define our actions – professionally and privately.
However, we are not happy with them from all of the time. In addition, there are many unconscious processes ongoing which impact us beyond our awareness.

Our common focus on your concrete decision situations, combined with my de-biasing competence, supports you in deciding more consciously and consequently better.
You develop more trust in your decisions as well as more joy when deciding.

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Implement effectively

No decision takes effect without proper implementation. You know the situation of the next subject starting without the first being completed.
Besides this, we do not always succeed in taking others with us during implementation and in sparking enthusiasm for the solution.

My long-term experience in change management and in team leadership gives new impulses to you how to implement effectively.
You will have more certainty that your solutions hold, hence realising your goals more effectively.

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Your solutions:



For you:

  • Business Sparring is your safe place to discuss ideas, concepts or plans, developing them further. In my neutral, external role I give you direct feedback and challenge you.

  • Business Coaching is your personal company during change or your advancement. I support you in mastering these processes successfully.

  • Public Workshops give you the possibility to increase your competences in selected areas.



For your team:

  • In-house Workshops support you in mastering specific challenges together with your team and in enhancing your competences in relevant areas.
  • Business Sparring and Business Consulting are of course also available for your team in order to reach concrete objectives better or to improve processes.




For your organisation:

  • Business Consulting in the fields of performance management, de-biasing and change management offers you spot-on support for central themes of your success. I offer my individual competences in these areas in order to develop relevant and practicable solutions for your organisation.

  • On demand: Key notes and presentations on topics of my comprehensive portfolio give your organisation impulses, food for thought and stimulation.



Your partner

20 years of practical experiences in large, multi-national companies, teams and projects are my foundation. I offer my competences in the areas of corporate performance management, controlling and strategic marketing in order to develop individual solutions for you.
On top, de-biasing supports you in considering also unconsciously active thinking patterns and thinking errors.
It is my pleasure to face challenges for the future together and to implement solutions effectively with you!

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Current workshops (in English language only)

You find the overview of all available public workshops in English language here. For the complete overview of public workshops and events please switch to the website in German language.

You can book your seat directly via the registration form.

Take also advantage of customised in-house workshops and events!


Available public workshops

09:00 Uhr – 17:00 Uhr

De-Biasing Advanced - Day 2: team focus

Deepen your knowledge which biases impact strongly in teams, groups and organisations

Ort: Vienna

09:00 Uhr – 17:00 Uhr

De-Biasing Advanced - Day 1: individual focus

Deeper focus on individual biases for further improvement

Ort: Vienna

09:00 Uhr – 17:00 Uhr

Decide better consciously / De-Biasing Basic - Regular

How to improve your critical thinking and decision making

Ort: Vienna

09:00 Uhr – 17:00 Uhr

Decide better consciously / De-Biasing Basic - Regular

How to improve your critical thinking and decision making.
Early bird offer until 31.1.2020!

Ort: Vienna