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More than trainings

Who does not know the situation - you attend a training and realise soon: this will not benefit me. It can be due to the frontal presentation style, missing relevance, group chemistry not working…

Hence I offer workshops (available dates) which:

  • convey enjoyment and interest on the subject,
  • are based on solid foundations,
  • offer interaction and variety in order to gain experiences,
  • trigger new perspectives and ideas,
  • focus on your individual implementation.


Competent partners enrich the offer

You have the chance to experience additional interface competences in selected workshops. In those I cooperate with experienced partners in order to convey relevant topics even more comprehensively.


Public and in-house Workshops

My portfolio comprises of both public and in-house workshops. You find all relevant information about the current offering directly in the respective workshop descriptions.

It is of course possible to conduct a public workshop individually for your organisation and to adapt it to your concrete needs.

Use my workshops in order to develop your future competences!

De-Biasing Basic



De-Biasing Basic - Intro

  • Short introduction to thinking errors

  • Examples & interaction

  • Take away first ideas to improve

De-Biasing Basic - Regular

  • Experience main thinking errors

  • Improve critical thinking and decision making

  • Take away concrete tools

De-Biasing Advanced



De-Biasing Advanced

  • Experience more biases, understand combined effects

  • Workshops for individual as well as for social biases

  • Prepare effective implementation

Mindful De-Biasing



Mindful De-Biasing - Intro

  • Short introduction to thinking errors

  • Experience mindfulness as de-biasing measure

  • Introductory examples & exercises

Mindful De-Biasing - Regular

  • Get acquainted with thinking errors

  • Extensive exercises in mindfulness

  • First part with individual focus, team aspects central to second part

Public workshops - all available dates

Due to restrictions related to the Covid-19 pandemic, several Workshops had to be cancelled.


During the CoV caused lockdown I offered a free webinar on "Crisis mode - stress, decisions & perspectives" where I shared personal examples of crisis situations in my previous professional roles as well as perspectives on how to solve them, 

  • Currently no dates planned: I am happy to provide the used slides on demand!


    The full day workshop "Decide better consciously - Regular" is available in 5 related modules (all 90 minutes each of content + max. 30 minutes of extra time for reflection & discussion).
    You can book the modules individually or as a package. Here are the details:

    • Module 1 - Perception: through which lens do we see the world, what   impacts and manipulates our perception?
      > 21.9. (17.00, in English), 14.10. (17.00, in German), 17.11. (17.00, in German)
    • Module 2 - Judgement: which biases are active when we assess and   judge?
      > 28.9. (17.00, in English), 21.10. (17.00, in German), 24.11. (17.00, in German)  

    • Module 3 - Decision: what impacts our decisions without us noticing   it?
      > 5.10. (17.00, in English), 4.11. (17.00, in German), 1.12. (17.00, in German)  

    • Module 4 - Interaction: which unconscious aspects are relevant in   human relations, teams and organisations?
      > 16.9. (17.00, in  German), 12.10. (17.00, in English), 11.11. (17.00, in German), 8.12. (17.00, in German)    

    • Module 5 - Implementation: what hinders an effective implementation   of decisions?
      > 3.9. (17.00, in German), 19.10. (17.00, in English), 18.11. (17.00, in German), 15.12. (17.00, in German)    


    • per single module 69 Euro + VAT  
    • package including all modules: 50 Euro Discount and flexible attendance of  modules: 295 Euro + VAT  
    • other discounts are fully useable
    • package: additional dates are constantly added > if you cannot participate in a module you can attend at a later point in time, guaranteed!

    Seats: max. 25

    Language: German or English

    Booking: directly via the registration form or via Xing Events where you find more details to each webinar



  • Physical workshops - all available dates (English only)

    Normally, you find all available workshops in English language here. 

    Please note that due to CoV physical workshops are currently restricted. Currently the introductory de-biasing workshop is available in German language - for details please switch to the website in German language.

    You can still book your seat directly via the registration form.

    Workshop descriptions

    • De-Biasing - basic experience (de) as a Download-PDF [253 KB]
    • De-Biasing - basic experience (en) as a Download-PDF [256 KB]
    • De-Biasing - advanced experience (de) as a Download-PDF [318 KB]
    • De-Biasing - advanced experience (en) as a Download-PDF [320 KB]